Appointments & Fees

We have a strict ‘no show’ policy

Fail to show to your appointment will result in a charge according to the appointment type reserved ($100 – $200). Dr Malhotra has a waiting list of patients who can be seen in your place, however if you fail to show it does not give us the opportunity to offer this appointment to another patient and the doctors time is wasted. For that reason a fee is charged accordingly.

If you can not make it to your appointment 48 hours notice is required. 

Appointment fees

This is a private clinic and full payment at time of appointment is required. There is usually a rebate available for medical consultations through Medicare, if a valid GP referral is provided.  Your Medicare rebate can be processed at the time of payment and usually takes 24-48 hours to come back to your account. Dr Malhotra does not bulk bill, send invoices or run accounts.

Fees for KidsPoint practice available here

Initial General Appointment (non behavioural)

  • Fee  $240.00
  • Medicare Rebate $130.20

Follow up General Appointment (non behavioural)

  • Fee $120.00
  • Medicare Rebate $65.20

Initial Developmental and behavioural appointment

  • Fee$  340.00
  • Medicare Rebate $227.70

Follow up Developmental and behavioural appointment       

  • Fee $175.00
  • Medicare Rebate $114.00

Autism care plan

  • Fee $340.00
  • Medicare Rebate $227.70

What to bring to your appointment

We prefer electronic copies of the documents listed below.  Please email them to the appropriate clinic.

  • Referral from GP (written within the last 12 months & required before making an appointment)
  • Medical reports and any consultation letters
  • Allied health reports and letters (Speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, dietitian, others.)
  • X-rays and other scans
  • Blood and other investigation results (pathology reports)
  • School/ childcare reports and letters
  • School counsellor reports
  • Please bring your child’s Blue Book on the day (or equivalent of birth record and early childhood record)